Therapeutics for Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome

A recorded three-hour therapeutics workshop on Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome. Learn anatomy, function, & a series of exercises to relieve chronic pain from these two troubling conditions for $40.


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My initial introduction to Jonathan’s work came during a web search because  of trouble with sciatica pain in my left lower leg.The doctors had recommended steroid shots and possibly surgery!  Both options were not even up for discussion.  CoreWalking promised relief and I was willing to listen to more. I was intrigued as I listened to his explanation of how efficiently  the body will work  when all the parts are  properly aligned.  After a year of working with Jonathan through CoreWalking and the MindBody program, I am without pain, more aware of my walking posture and engaged in his live yoga classes as often as possible. Following the MindBody webinars over the past year has given me extensive  information and valuable insight as to how the body functions.  I appreciated  the special guests and Jonathan’s unique ability to make all the brilliant information “user friendly”. I continue to participate with the online live yoga classes and am finding Jonathan’s coaching and teaching supportive, encouraging and easy to follow. Gena Rotas