Relaxation is a Lifestyle Choice

A 2 1/2 hour workshop on understanding the nervous system and the benefits of relaxation when it comes to aging gracefully . $40


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CoreWalking: The Bodymind (1st Month Free)

Join the Bodymind Membership Program get access to 2 live workshops a month; 2 live yoga classes a week and 1 Q & A each month for $47 a month.

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Dr Lisa Kirsch

I highly recommend Jonathan FitzGordon's live workshops to most of my patients at some point in their care when they are ready. I have told countless people to take the live class over the years. Now to learn from the video at home where they can really let the poses sink in is priceless. The information is invaluable and the feedback from my patients is excellent. They love it and I can see the results.