CoreWalking: The Bodymind

The BodyMind is a membership program for people in pain, and movement professionals helping others out of pain. Each month includes 2 workshops, 2 weekly yoga classes and 1 Q & A.


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What's inside the Bodymind

What People Are Saying...

I have had dull low back pain for most of my life.  But after bearing children, this pain became sharp and intolerable.  Eventually, it started to impact my health, by limiting the physical activities I could do.  Having been to doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, posture specialists, and massage therapists, with no results, I turned to the internet.  I bought many books, some of them happened to be books written by Jonathan FitzGordon.  After reading all of his books which taught me to make one simple self adjustment to the posture of my hips during my daily activities, my low back pain was GONE.  Literally, after 10 minutes!  Still lingering, however, was mild neck pain.  I knew there was more for me to know.  So, I signed up for the Corewalking program.  The neck issues are definitely more complicated for me to fix.  But with private sessions online, Jonathan is able to look at my posture and movements and give me specific exercises and tips to help my issues.  Jonathan has a rare gift.  He has the knowledge of what is going wrong with a large majority of the population's posture.  And, here comes the rocket science part....he knows how to communicate to you what you need to do to move properly and how to give you the sense of feeling when you are moving properly.  Of all the money I have spent on doctors and such, the amount of money and time spent on Corewalking was minimal but yielded me the best results!  One year ago, my life consisted of back pain, migraines, numbness and tingling in my limbs, vertigo, and limited exercise, which was kind of scary to me.  Now, I have NONE of those symptoms.  And, I can exercise to my heart's content, which makes me very happy.  Thank you to Jonathan!  I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.  Cynthia G