6 Month Private Program w/ Jonathan FitzGordon

Work privately with Jonathan for 6 months (12 sessions) to begin healing your pain and develop a program for moving forward with ease and joy.


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I have to admit, I have jumped around on the website, blog, downloads and all. I'm amazed at the depth and completeness of your work. With this program I'm going to fix my 8-9 month battle with left sided nerve entrapment In the pelvis/hip. Between my physician, a chiropractor, sports medicine MD, physical medicine MD, a neurosurgeon, and the medical director at my job (he's an orthopedic surgeon) none could tell me what was wrong or what to do. I feel better in five days than I've felt in 8 months. The weight gain of 3 steroid injections and an oral course, is hopefully going to reverse. I'll be 60 yrs this year and cannot imagine my life like it was, going forward. Finally, this will be the course that helps me to help myself. I invested in about 3-4 other courses, books, chair pillows and cushions, equipment (a deluxe teeter and a total gym) as well as some yoga videos. A doctor at work, doesn't believe me, that I've gotten so much relief from some simple techniques, of un-tucking and belly breaths. Tambra P.